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Fire Alarm Wallpaper?

Scientists in China have developed a wallpaper which detects fires and can set off alarms upon exposure to extreme heat. The wallpaper contains wires made from a non-flammable material that is also found in human teeth and bones, coted in a graphene ink. If it gets hot enough, the ink burs away leaving a conductive circuit. This can then trigger fire alarms, lights, or even a sprinkler system. Once exposed to heat, the developers say the wallpaper is conductive for around 5 minutes.

The wiring system found in the wallpaper also means that it is far less flammable that other wallpapers and is robust enough to be shaped in many ways. It can come in numerous different colours and can be printed with normal commercial printers. The product, according to developers, is superior to standard wallpaper, and is just as versatile.

Its production is only possible thanks to a recent development of techniques to allow for the large-scale production of the nano-wires, which previously, could only have been made in small quantities. This is the key. Without the ability to mass-produce these wires, the technology will never be able to be implemented on a large scale. It isn’t the first time nano-wires have been incorporated into materials. Concrete, for example, has been made stronger and more durable with their inclusion. If implemented in a large scale, in the event of a fire disaster, it could prevent some property damage and, more importantly, help save lives.


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